How To Choose The Right Residence Colour

May 23rd 2018

There is a widespread expectancy nowadays amongst householders that replacement window and door systems should be available in a very broad choice of coloured finishes. It is an entirely reasonable demand as window and door colouring technology has dramatically advanced in recent years.

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Our Spring/Summer Interior Ideas

We have already had a short, sharp burst of summer in spring as many parts of the country experienced their warmest few days of the year so far. We bet it put a smile on your face and perhaps even encouraged you to freshen up your internal décor and make your living space fashionable again.

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Discover The Perfect Hardware For Your Home Style

We knew when developing the Residence Collection that it would only be taken seriously by people if we meticulously recreated every element of the enduring window designs of the past. This included the accompanying hardware.

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What Is Conservation?

We often hear about “conservation areas” and most of us know that replacing old windows and doors in properties located within them can sometimes be difficult, but what are they and why are they so significant?

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4 Main Benefits Of Residence²

When we expanded the Residence Collection a few months ago, Residence 7 wasn’t the only addition to our already well-established Residence 9 timber window system.

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Express Your Love For Home With Residence 9

You have to be very careful when replacing traditional windows as you need to preserve the authentic look of your property, not spoil it.

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