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About The Residence Collection

The Residence Collection is all designed in Gloucestershire at our HQ, then extruded in Wiltshire. We have a network of dedicated fabricators and installers throughout the UK servicing the UK. A British product for British homes.

We designed the original timber alternative window; Residence 9 back in 2011. The design brief for Residence 9 was to extract the key principles, shapes and dimensions from the Article 4 Conservation Area guidelines for windows and integrate market leading technology into the design using virtually maintenance free materials. Residence 9 is thermally and acoustically brilliant. It features the latest security, maintenance and performance innovations, whilst appearing traditional.

We have now developed further flush window & door systems based on our knowledge and expertise of that market. In 2016 The Collection was born and now incorporates a full suite of premium window and door products.

The Residence Collection

About Solidor

At Solidor we have been designing, engineering and manufacturing composite doors in the UK since 2004 and our original doors still stand the test of time today.

Solidor was created by Andrew Mobley who sought to bring to the market something genuinely unique, that would give the beautiful appearance of timber, but with the benefits of modern, low maintenance materials.

Since 2008 Gareth Mobley has been at the helm of Solidor, keeping the family name associated with the brand. Gareth has been instrumental in developing what is now widely agreed to be the finest composite door in the UK.

Each and every Solidor is manufactured by our talented craftsmen in our multi-site production facility in Stoke on Trent. Our doors are sold and installed through a nationwide network of experienced and proven installation companies.

At Solidor we pride ourselves on being innovative and leading the way for the industry. Our fast paced product development programme has culminated in a number of market ‘firsts’ with Solidor being the first company to launch Chartwell Green and Duck Egg blue as new colours in the composite door sector as well as the introduction of the new Ultion cylinder and the £1000 anti-snapping guarantee.


About Masonite

Masonite is a well-respected name in both the construction and interior design industries. This good reputation comes as no surprise, considering the high levels of research, design innovation and attention to detail that is routinely applied in the development of Masonite products.

The company originated back in 1924, when William H Mason, an American engineer and inventor, made a revolutionary discovery, which manifested in becoming the first wood by-product. This innovative new creation was made from surplus wood chippings, which were then pressed and heated to form an affordable, yet durable wood product later known as Masonite; a product that is still widely used within construction and joinery end uses today.

Through its tireless commitment to creating superbly crafted joinery products, Masonite has further expanded into new and developing markets and is deservedly the undisputed industry leader in interior door manufacturing.

The Masonite headquarters are based in Tampa, Florida, and the company now employs over 7,000 people positioned at over 70 locations spanning four continents. Each and every employee is dedicated to the core principles of the Masonite Corporation, which include:

Creating new and innovative doors and other joinery products.
Ensuring the unrivalled quality of each and every Masonite door is maintained.
Providing exceptional customer service backed by supportive and reciprocal door warranties.


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