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ABL Plastics Limited are a Cornish based company that has years of experience and are a benefit to the Cornish community. We say “The most important thing to remember is excellent pricing, quality product, and teamwork” this is what makes our product a cut above the rest. Communication is another key element which helps provide you with the product you want at a price that is competitive.

Residence 9
This superior product is designed to replicate 19th century timber windows and at the design stage the requirements of Article 4 Conservation areas were considered. The window is not only a superior retail product for anyone wanting a high performance, great looking window but there will be a benefit for customers in conservation areas.

Residence 9 is a new Window System, available for sale from ABL Plastics Limited. The design replicates the features of a 19th Century Flush sash timber window. It can be welded or mechanically jointed and can accommodate 28mm double glazing or 44mm triple glazing. It can also accommodate modern hardware.

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