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CWG Choices Limited was one of the launch partners with the Residence collection and are proud to offer the Residence Collection as part of their premium window and door range. Our extensive showroom in Corby (please contact us to visit) has wide selection of products on display and is situated next door to the factory where all our Residence Collection products are manufactured. The Residence Collection is the ultimate alternative to timber, it’s quintessential British design combine with modern performance to offer tradition without compromise The flush sash design and availability of hand finished mechanical butt joints ensure authentic traditional features of a timber window are mimicked, making it undeniably authentic .Available in a wide range of colours that actually look and feel like natural timber the window adheres to article 4 directives of the conservation area guidelines. In addition to envious aesthetics, the high performance multi chambered profile can accommodate 44mm triple glazing, which means window U Values as low 0.8 are possible making it suitable for almost any project type.

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