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Everybody has a story to tell, here’s ours! Well, the clue to part of our story is certainly in our name I guess but “Double Glazing Essex” and the team behind the name are much more than just another home improvement company.

Like many of our clients we have seen and heard all the horror stories, it’s enough to put anybody off having work done in their home. An industry where the sales never end and 50% off is the deal of the day… every day and pay for the front and get the back done free. We all know them and the list goes on.

If the only way to build a successful business was to follow the others with their out of date 1990’s sales gimmicks, leader boards and pressure selling, then we would never have got our business off the ground because that just isn’t us and never will be.

Ironically we didn’t want to start our own double glazing business due to the stigma attached to this industry but we realised our skills and experience were wasted and the stigma doesn’t really matter, that isn’t us or what we are about, lose the gimmicks, the pressure, be honest upfront, explain the pros and cons and use a fair and competitive pricing structure that’s all we needed to build on our success. Our focus has always been on our customers and their requirements, we have replaced salesman with real tradesman, people who understand the products and the installation process and the best bit they won’t try to sell you anything! We keep it clear and simple for all our customers and promise to deliver on what we say. Talk to a real qualified tradesman and not a salesperson.

Double Glazing Essex is still going strong today and with year on year growth it has clearly been the right decision… and never being afraid of hard work sometimes helps, we still get our hands dirty with our fitting teams, however we are a little slower now than a few years ago! When we walk away we want to look back and feel proud of what we have done!

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