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4 Ways To Improve Your Property’s Value

January 24th 2019

Whether you’re happy with your home or hope to sell it in 2019 and move elsewhere, it’s strongly recommended that you regularly look into ways of enhancing it as improvements can always be made to any house.

You shouldn’t make improvements just for the sake of it though as they may not pay off. Any improvements should be done with the purpose of increasing the value of the property, otherwise there’s no point to them!

Certain enhancements are virtually guaranteed to boost the resale cost of your house and these are four of the most notable…

Conservatory installation

The housing market is so up and down at the moment that improving is increasingly getting the nod over moving and when there’s capacity to do it, thousands of householders are choosing to expand their properties with a conservatory. Growing your home in this manner will add a whole new dimension to it and likely get you excited about home living again.

It’s crucial that you buy the right type of conservatory as its style should suit the character of the property to make it look like a natural extension as much as possible. A thorough survey conducted by an experienced conservatory installer will prove useful to determine which conservatory will be best. You can expect a 5 per cent rise in your property’s value when you install a good conservatory.

Replace your windows and front door

Has the exterior of your home lost some of its visual appeal? You can likely blame your existing windows and front door for that as they will be major focal points and may have a tired, worn appearance.

Fitting brand new windows (see the full Residence Collection window range here) and a new front door will massively enhance its curb appeal and impress people that come to visit. New windows and a new front door will also offer a far greater level of thermal efficiency than an original set of windows and doors, keeping your energy costs down. Ready-installed thermally efficient windows and doors will prove a big selling-point for buyers as it means they won’t have to pay out to install them themselves.

Cook up a new style kitchen

More time is spent in the kitchen than the living room in many households nowadays and not just when it’s dinnertime. People use it as a space to relax, converse with others and play with their mobile devices.

An impressive kitchen is a must and you could either splash out on a new one or improve your existing kitchen with the addition of brand new work surfaces, appliances and implementation of a fashionable colour scheme.

Cut out ignoring your garden

You need to tend to your garden throughout the entire year as it never stops changing and an unruly lawn or the sight of unattractive weeds is unlikely to impress.

Keep your grass in shape by giving it a regular mow, remove any weeds by the root and get planting to add some life and colour to the garden.

Take a look at our Gallery page to see the many ways the Residence Collection can improve your home.

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