5 Ways To Guarantee Yourself A Warm Winter Home
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5 Ways To Guarantee Yourself A Warm Winter Home

October 26th 2018

Summer feels like a very distant memory now that outdoor temperatures are nosediving and Christmas is getting closer.

No-one should feel cold in their home though! But many will be if they fail to winter-proof their property before the weather really starts to bite. They could also be hit hard in the pocket by expensive energy bills.

If you worry that your home isn’t going to be cosy enough over the coming months, we have five winter warming tips…

Install energy efficient windows and doors

The weather will always get the better of old single glazed windows and doors as the frames and glazing offer very poor insulation. Stand next to your windows and doors and if you feel the slenderest amount of coldness they need to be replaced.

The entire window and door suite that makes up the Residence Collection provides a very high standard of thermal efficiency. R7, R9 and R2 will improve heat retention and restrict heat loss to the bare minimum.

Close your curtains

Why would you keep your curtains open at night? Many people do though and by doing so they’re inviting cold air to travel through the glass into their living space.

First of all, you should buy some nice thick curtains. As soon as it gets dark each day, pull these curtains shut to shield the relevant room from any chilliness.

Change your energy supplier

The annual average fuel bill has virtually doubled over the past decade which has encouraged lots of people to switch their energy supplier. However, many UK households remain loyal to their long-standing supplier and are missing out on huge savings as a consequence of doing so.

Go to comparison site and input your current gas / electricity usage to find a cheaper tariff. First-time switcher could potentially save around £300 a year.

Leave your oven door open after cooking

Plenty hearty meals will be in order this winter if you want to keep warm. We’re thinking of dishes like Shepherd’s Pie, Beef Stew and the hottest of curries.

If you eat most of your meals at the dining table and it’s located in the kitchen, keep the oven door open after you’ve removed your culinary creations to let the warm air spread around the room.

Put on some appropriate clothing

Would you go to the beach in a stifling hot resort wearing a thick jumper and pair of trousers? We think not! You’d dress appropriately for the conditions.

You should do the same at home in the middle of winter and put on a few extra layers, rather than relying on your heating to heat you up.

Speak to your local Residence Collection installer if you want our luxury windows and doors to protect your home from the elements. You can also download a copy of our brochure.

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