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Residence Q&A – What is Double Glazing?

November 21st 2018

The concept of double-glazing dates about to the mid 1800’s when the Scottish used 2 panes of glass to protect themselves from the harsh weather of the Highlands.

Today’s methods in manufacturing double glazing has advanced somewhat. It works by trapping a layer of air between two panes of glass – air being a natural and highly effective insulator. The result being a system that lessens convection resulting in a decrease of heat loss and trapping cold air out.

Double Glazing Illustration

Double glazing doesn’t just cover heat and warmth, it can benefit your home in other ways too:

·         Warmth

·         Better Insulation

·         Improved Noise Reduction

·         Enhanced Security

·         Energy Saving Costs

·         Green Effect

·         Longevity


The Residence Collection has unquestionable market leading design features and performance. Accommodating double and triple glazing with a Passivhaus standard WER rating of A+ and U-values of 0.8, The Residence Collection has a solution for you. Find out more about Residence Collection on our website

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