A Short Useful Guide To Planning And Conservation
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A Short Guide To Planning And Conservation

April 10th 2019

Virtually every day there is a story online about someone getting into trouble with their local authority because they have made inappropriate alterations to a house located in a conservation area. Trust us; you don’t want to upset your planning department as it can cause financial and emotional heartache!

It is estimated that there are over 9,000 designated conversation areas in this country which are defined as being areas of special architectural or historic interest. The character of these conservation areas must be preserved when alterations are made and part of this ongoing responsibility lies in the hands of those living in properties inside the boundaries of conservation areas.

This can pose an issue for them when they urgently need to make some sort of alteration to their home, such as upgrading their windows.

But, it’s usually not so much of a problem when the window replacement they choose is Residence 9 as it’s one of the very few window systems to regularly receive approval from planners.

Planners look favourably on the product as it flawlessly replicates the timeless styling of 19th Century Timber Window Designs which was our original motivation when developing the window. Far too often, planners see historic buildings spoilt by replacement windows that are completely out of sync with the house they’re integrated into, whereas Residence 9 does nothing but enhance the appearance of notable properties.

Article 4 Directions

Sometimes, you can proceed with a window installation at a home located in a conservation area under Permitted Development Rights which gives you an automatic right to replace your existing windows without planning permission.

However, in certain conservation areas, an Article 4 Direction has been made by the relevant local authority, meaning that Permitted Development Rights have been removed.

This needs to be ascertained before any work is carried out. In any case, anyone living in a conservation area thinking about exchanging their windows should always contact their local authority ahead of doing anything for peace of mind.

Your nearest Residence Collection installer will be able to guide you through everything concerned with fitting windows in conservation areas. We also have a brochure about the subject that you can download for FREE here.

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