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A Triumph Over Timber

November 13th 2014

There’s no disputing the aesthetic qualities of traditional timber; it has an unquestionable beauty that you can never tire of seeing.

However, retaining the visual appeal of timber takes an enormous amount of maintenance in the form of sanding, varnishing, repainting etc.

Failure to put in the necessary work can lead to the timber rapidly disintegrating in the form of rotting and warping and once that sets in the problem will often be irreversible, that is unless you exchange an ageing timber window for Residence 9.

Take a look at the above photograph. It encapsulates everything about Residence 9 that makes it such a fantastic replacement for timber.

As you can see, the upstairs timber window has succumbed to rotting and lost much of its original finish, whilst below you can see a newly installed silvered oak R9 which almost looks as though it’s been an ever present feature of the property; talk about a stark contrast between the upstairs and downstairs.

R9 never fails to have an amazingly positive effect.

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