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A Window Fit For Tudor Times

August 13th 2016

The Tudor style is highly distinctive because of that unmistakable ‘black-and-white’ effect reminiscent of properties dating back to the 15th Century.

To give a little bit of background, traditional Tudor homes utilised wooden timbers which were coated with a black tar to prevent them from rotting.

Once the original windows of a Tudor residence have reached the end of their lifespan it is paramount that an adequate window replacement with a suitable colour is sought to retain its original appearance.

The owners of a stunning traditional Tudor home in Surrey were conscious of this when they appointed Guild Home Improvements (GHI) to fit brand new windows.

Wisely they chose to have Residence 9 windows in a Grained White finish integrated into the building, perfectly maintaining its Tudor charm. The windows also provide them with all the benefits of double glazing whilst retaining all of the character due to the authentic look of the R9 window design.

Guild Home Improvements is an accredited R9 installer established in 2002. Specialists in double glazed windows, doors and conservatories in London, Surrey, Sussex and throughout the local area, they recently refurbished their Epsom showroom. We definitely recommend that you pay them a visit and commend them on a wonderful job.

Fellow Tudor homeowners can find their nearest R9 installer online.

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