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A Window System That Reinvigorates The Home

February 13th 2015

Replacing the existing windows of your house, particularly a window design that has been an ever present feature since the time of the original build, isn’t as simple as you may think.

The windows play an important role in terms of giving the property an aesthetic personality, a character that you must sustain, and exchanging them becomes even more challenging if they happen to be constructed from traditional timber.

That’s where Residence 9 really comes into its own as it’s undoubtedly the most realistic timber alternative window on the market.

Looking for evidence?

What you see above is just two of a set of Residence 9 windows, including a beautiful bay window acting as the primary focal point, integrated into this quaint little abode, the frames coated in a stunning Cotswold Biscuit finish.

Though hard to believe from looking at them, they don’t contain a single ounce of wood.

The deep decorative detailing is truly outstanding and as well as maintaining the elegance of the property, the occupants can expect the windows to help them keep cosy and warm indoors.

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