BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK – Our 5 Best Energy Saving Tips
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BIG ENERGY SAVING WEEK – Our 5 Best Energy Saving Tips

January 15th 2019

There’s a good chance that you won’t be aware that it’s Big Energy Saving Week in the UK from next Monday. Established a few years back by Citizens Advice, it is a national campaign designed to help people cut the cost of their household fuel bills and get eligible financial support.

Energy-related initiatives like these have become very common in this country in recent years as the average annual household dual fuel bill has almost tripled in price over the past decade for many families.

In advance of the campaign getting underway, we thought we would share five of our best energy saving tips with you…

1. Move to another energy supplier

It’s highly unlikely that staying loyal to your current energy supplier will be financially rewarding as you’ll probably lose a lot of money by not switching if recent research is anything go by. The Energy Saving Trust found that some nine million UK households have been on the same energy deal for six years and have each lost £1,500 because of it.

Switching is so simple and if you’ve never switched before you could be looking at an annual saving upwards of £300+.

2. Get energy efficient windows & doors fitted

Do you feel cold air circulating around the inside of your home? You can blame your old windows and doors for that as they’re obviously not supplying sufficient insulation and need replacing.

The installation of the most thermally efficient windows and doors you can afford will keep out the cold and make your interior feel so much warmer without you being anywhere near as reliant on your heating as you were before.

3. Use the timer on your heating system

You’re not helping yourself if you leave your heating on after getting into bed or when there’s nobody in the house as it will be needlessly costing you money – timing is everything!

You will find a timer option on your heating system that you can use to set a time for when your heating comes on and turns off. Set it for when you’re about to get up in the morning and only when the house is occupied.

4. Pull the plug when devices are charged

When rely on our chargers a lot as we’re always need to keep our mobile phones, laptops and tablets operating but some of us are guilty of overcharging our devices.

Keep an eye on the battery level of your devices when they’re charging and as soon as it hits 100% remove the plug as it will continue to use energy.

5. Your kettle only needs boiling once at a time

They reckon it costs around 2.5p to boil a full kettle and we Brits love our tea and coffee. It should only be boiled at the exact time that you intend on having a cuppa as over boiling can be costly and simply isn’t necessary. Get out of the habit of flicking the switch on your kettle twice.

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