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Blinds Or Curtains – Which Is Best For Your Residence Collection Windows?

April 26th 2019

Your new Residence Collection windows have just been installed by your local installer, so the next step you need to take is to suitably dress them, which will normally mean choosing between either blinds or curtains.

We wouldn’t like to say that one option is better than other as it all comes down to personal preference.

The decision could ride on the various pros and cons of blinds and curtains, of which there are several on both sides…



• They come in an array of styles, including Vertical Blinds, Venetian Blinds, Roller Blinds, Roman Blinds etc.

• The durability of a blind will give you a long-lasting solution.

• You can use them to filter the amount of natural light that enters into a room.

• They’re very easy to clean when they gather dust and get dirty.

• They can be custom-fitted for a window.


• They can be more costly than curtains.

• The slats on certain blinds are easily bendable, and once bent, it can spoil their appearance.



• A thick set of curtains will make a strong contribution to the insulation of a room, keeping out the cold and keeping warmth in.

• They come in all sorts of colours, fabrics, patterns and effects.

• You can buy blackout curtains that will completely shut out light and shut rooms off from the outside world.

• Curtains don’t have the pull cord that you get on a blind, so they’re a safer option for those with young children.


• It’s much harder to clean a set of curtains and some curtains are not suitable for a washing machine.

• Unless they’re lined, they offer less privacy than a blind.

Whether its blinds or curtains that you go for, make sure that they add to the prettiness of the window and your internal décor.

Have a look at our Gallery to see how some of our customers have dressed their Residence Collection windows.

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