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Caring For Your Residence Collection Windows & Doors

April 21st 2021

On of the many benefits of Residence Collection windows and doors is they don’t require a lot of upkeep – but there are things you can do to help keep them looking their best for years to come.


We recommend using warm soapy water (your usual soap detergent should do) with a soft cloth, nothing harsh or abrasive, on the frames & cills. Simply wipe with the warm water and dry with a clean, dry, soft cloth. No maintenance required! No toxic paints, primers, preservatives or fungicides are needed to keep your windows looking fresh!


Intelligently designed with an ‘Easy-Clean’ frame rebate. Open your windows or doors and simply wipe clean, no sharp corners or deep grooves attracting dirt.
To activate ‘Easy Clean’ mode push both black slide buttons (top and bottom) towards the corner and slide the sash away from the corner.


As for the glass, the best way to keep it streak free is to use a squeegee, its fast and leaves glass super clear! Wash from top to bottom to avoid drips.  Bonus tip – wash windows on a cloudy day! The sun can prematurely dry windows adding streaks.


To ensure optimum performance, hinges, locking mechanisms and handles will require periodic lubrication. One drop of a light machine oil (e.g WD40) is plenty, wipe away any excess. Wipe clean tracks for hinges to keep them dirt free and moving freely.

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