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Choosing the right colour windows and doors for your home

February 21st 2022

The colour of your windows and doors can make or break the curb appeal of your property. With more and more options to choose from, making the right decision is harder than ever when buying new windows and doors.

When choosing the right colour windows and doors for your home, there are some important areas to consider that can help you find the right one:

1. What style is your property?

All homes have an architectural design that makes them unique; it’s in everything from the materials used, to the shape of the windows and doors. The look of a traditional home can be dramatically different to that of a modern home, making it an important consideration when choosing the colour of your window frames and door.

Traditional style buildings tend to lean towards warm colours such as red, yellow, orange and brown, whereas modern style homes lean more towards cooler tones such as green, blue, purple and grey. Victorian-style homes tend to suit classic colours.

2. What colour is the exterior of your property?

You might want to choose colours that will complement the building material of your property, or create a beautiful contrast between the two materials used by opting for a striking and eye-catching colour choice. Dove grey/green window frames are in fashion now and can look stunning against a light stone house or cottage.

It’s worth remembering that the inside of your windows can be a different colour to the outside frame. that goes for your front door too. So you can have white windows for a fresh and bright interior, and dark windows to match the exterior of your home.

3. What are your personal tastes in colour?

You might find natural colours rustic and comforting, grey timeless and classic, yellow warm, welcoming and optimistic. Or perhaps you’d like to make a bold statement rather than blend in with the houses in your area.

As a general rule, darker colours make a bold statement against lightly coloured housing and are a simple way to add a creative touch to your home. White frames are more of a traditional choice as they look crisp, while a distinctive shade of grey, as mentioned, has also become a popular colour. So have dark blue or dark brown.

4. Gloss, matte or textured finish?

The texture of the material that you use for the window frames and door can also have a big impact on the overall look of the home. You can select between a range of different finishes to emphasise and complement your chosen colour. By using a gloss, matte or textured finish you can achieve a more distinct appearance.

5. The environment you live in.

In a warmer location, white may be best as it will reflect light. Bolder colours fade quicker, so light tones may age better. And of course, brighter colours will look fresh and cool up against a homemade with light materials.

Countryside homes tend to have a rustic appearance, mainly built from wood and stone. Complement these materials with a light framework, or try a more authentic wood effect to give the home an earthy and natural feel.

City homes, on the other hand, tend to be made with brick. To make your home stand out from the other terrace houses, try making a statement by using unique colours or dark and bold shades to make your home stand out.

6. What are your windows and door made from?

If choosing to fit new windows and doors, one of the most popular materials is uPVC as it comes with an abundance of benefits, including multiple colour options. And unlike timber, uPVC requires no painting, meaning that you can enjoy vibrant colours and durability for up to 20 years.

At Residence Collection, we have a range of colours available and can offer everything from timeless classics like Grained White to contemporary favourites such as Cotswold Green. Don’t forget, we also offer a dual finish that allows you to find windows and doors that look as good from the inside as they do outside.

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