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Choosing Your Window Style

November 16th 2020

Without a doubt one of the biggest purchases in a home-building or renovation project, deciding on window styles can make or break your house design.

If you’re building in period style or renovating an older home, choosing appropriate styles is a must. Most people will opt to replace with the same style as was originally there and sometimes this is insisted on (if part of a Conservation area etc.), Residence 9 perfectly replicates the sight-lines of 19th Century timber window designs and the styles can be copied, including Georgian bars, leaded glass, drip bar, stained glass, large mullions.

Smaller casement windows are associated with cottages and there are some stunning designs to choose from, French windows can give a larger opening space on smaller windows, again Residence 9 can be an excellent low maintenance replacement for these.

As the years went on, the size of our windows grew. By the time of the advent of modernism in the early 20th century, simplicity became the watchword: minimising the styles and reducing the period features. Both Residence 7 and Residence ² offer bold and modern features with minimal detailing internally, leaving a sleek appearance to match a more contemporary home.

What are casement windows? A traditional British option (historically and in the 20th century), open-out casements are available in a variety of formats. Choose split casements for cottage-style designs and small glazed units to mimic ‘Georgian style’.

Some examples of terms you may hear when talking about casement windows:

1. Side Hung: The most recognisable casement. It is hinged at the side for easy opening

2. Top Light: A fixed pane divided from a narrow glazed top-hinged casement, split with transom.

3. Side Hung Next To Fixed: The sash is hinged at the side like no.1, but has a mullion to split the window.

4. Top Hung: A casement window that is hinged at the top.

As you’ll see in our images all the Residence systems can be made in the above styles and more! There’s even shapes and arches too. Check out our Pinterest for further ideas and inspiration…

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