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CORGI Fenestration Installer Scheme

Why you should choose a CORGI registered installer

Upgrading or replacing glazed doors or windows can be an expensive process, which is an excellent reason why you should have the reassurance of knowing that your installer is trustworthy, reliable and has the necessary expertise required to complete the job to the required level of professionalism.

While most people associate CORGI with gas safety, today CORGI is one of the most recognised brands when it comes to trust, reliability, expertise and quality.

At CORGI Fenestration we build on this reputation by bringing the CORGI brand to the window and doors industry through the CORGI Fenestration Installer Scheme.

What is the CORGI Fenestration Scheme

Businesses enrol with CORGI Fenestration to recognise their high levels of professionalism and expertise. CORGI Fenestration serves as a quality certification signifying excellence in various aspects, including company management, operations, qualifications and installations. What sets it apart in the industry is its comprehensive coverage of the entire supply chain and a diverse range of products.

Why choose a CORGI registered installer

CORGI Fenestration mandates that its installers must possess accredited qualifications that align with their specific job roles. Moreover, companies affiliated with CORGI Fenestration undergo periodic evaluations to prove their competence and ability to adhere to technical and safety standards, codes of practice and scheme regulations.

These assessments encompass not only their installation proficiency but also their overall business operations. This comprehensive evaluation encompasses a review of their sales materials, business practices, contractual terms, handling of customer complaints and communication with their clients.

How to check if your installer is CORGI registered

Whenever an installer visits your home, it’s essential to verify their CORGI Fenestration registration and qualifications to ensure they are capable of installing your windows and doors to a high standard. You can do this by inspecting their identification card and scanning the QR code provided.

Alternatively, you can reach out to CORGI Fenestration directly to verify their registration through their records.

Many Residence Collection installers are CORGI registered. For your own peace of mind and to find your local installer, simply use our handy search tool.



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