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How To Create A Warm Home For Winter

November 16th 2017

The best mind reader in the world would probably struggle to foresee what the weather will do this winter – this is Britain after all!

Despite the World Meteorological Organisation reporting that 2017 is likely to be one of the top three warmest years on record, there’s a good chance that conditions in Britain will be bitterly cold.

Most of us will be spending large parts of our time at home over the coming months, especially across Christmas and New Year. You won’t want to be feeling the cold indoors, but that will only be the case if your home is fully thermally efficient.

It will be if you follow our 3 steps to a warmer home

1.      Service your current boiler or install a more energy efficient replacement

The hot water and heat that we get at home comes from our boiler system. You should have your boiler serviced by a qualified engineer every year to check that it is providing the standard of thermal efficiency that it is designed to. During the servicing, the engineer will also be able to identify any problems that may be hindering its performance and attempt to fix them.

They may recommend that you get a new boiler and though buying a replacement boiler won’t be cheap, it could save you lots of money in the long-term – the Energy Saving Trust estimates that it can cut energy bills by as much as £310 annually.

If you opt to have a new boiler make sure that you have it regularly serviced post-installation.

2.     Fit new windows and doors

Many homeowners have yet to upgrade their old single glazed timber windows and doors and they’re likely to be the cause of draughts. You should at the very least have double glazed windows and doors utilising a UPVC or aluminium frame as the two glazed panes promise to restrict heat loss and both of these building materials offer superb thermal performance.

Be careful to install replacement windows and doors that suit the age and style of your property. When removing authentic flush timber sash windows you’re best off putting Residence 9 or one of our offering window designs in their place, particularly as they can achieve a Window Energy Rating of A++ and U-value of only 0.8.

3.     Hang up a thicker pair of curtains

Finances many prevent some householders from investing in a new boiler or replacement windows and doors, but don’t let that put you off winter-proofing your abode as there are other ways of doing it affordably.

Simply installing thicker curtains in your living room, bedroom and anywhere else in the house you utilise regularly will prevent a large amount of heat loss. Thermal curtains are your best option as they contain a thermal coating that enhances insulation.

Just remember to keep them open in the day so that any warmth created by the sun can pass through your windows and shut them at night to keep out any colder air.

Why endure a chilly winter indoors when you can incorporate a window system as luxurious as the Residence Collection and have it help keep your home wrapped up warm. Enter your postcode online to find an installer in your area.




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