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What’s the difference between Georgian bars and astragal bars?

Before we talk about the difference between Georgian bars and astragal bars, let’s begin by looking at what they actually are and how they came to be.

It all started in days gone by, when the size of the original window panes in period homes was limited by early glass manufacturing technology.

Those limitations meant that rather than being able to have a large single pane of glass in your windows, they were made up of a number of small panes, each one set in its own small wooden frame.

Each of your windows was, in effect, made from a series of smaller windows. The wooden frames of these smaller windows created the appearance of bars that crossed your windows vertically and horizontally, and gave their name to what are now known as Georgian bars and astragal bars, which are similar but not the same.

How are Georgian bars and astragal bars similar?  

Both Georgian bars and astragal bars are vertical and horizontal bars used nowadays to create the aesthetic appearance of traditional windows with multiple small panes, but using just one pane of glass rather than a number of small panes. As you might expect, there is a cost saving in using just one pane of glass instead of multiple panes.

What’s the difference between a Georgian and astragal bar?

Georgian bars take their name from the original classic Georgian window design of the time.

The distinguishing feature of Georgian bars is the fact that they areset inside a sealed unit which sandwiches them between two layers of glazing.

This way the glass on either side of the window is smooth and so easier to clean.

In addition to that benefit, Georgian bars can also offer more resistance to potential intruders, but still allow natural light through from outside.

Astragal bars, on the other hand,are fixed on your windows both inside the double-glazed unit, and as a set of external bars over the glazing unit itself.

This helps to emphasise the impression that the window is separated into smaller sections, in the style of an authentic period window.

Yet because the fitting of astragal bars requires both more materials and extra work than those using Georgian bars, there is a higher cost involved.

Having both internal and surface mounted astragal bars provides a measure of extra security over Georgian bars, besides enhancing the sense of privacy. Although as the bars have such a narrow profile, they still let in plenty of light.

Residence Collection – the best of both worlds.

Whether you live in a conservation area, or simply wish to preserve the traditional look of classical windows in your home for their aesthetic appeal, astragal bars offer an ideal solution using modern, energy efficient materials, with the added bonus of being easier to clean – all benefits that come as standard with Residence Collection windows.



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