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Exploring the realms of a conservation area

So, you’ve heard of a conservation area and you’ve ended up here? Perhaps you’re a homeowner within a conservation area and you’re looking to upgrade aspects of your home, or maybe you’re an avid researcher and are intrigued to hear more about what a conservation area actually is. Either way, we’re here to tell you all about conservation areas and what it means when you’re a homeowner when you live in one.

What exactly is a conservation area?

First things first, a conservation area can be defined as an area of special architectural interest. Brimming with rich history, conservation areas are blessed with the presence of architectural treasures. From picturesque Tudor cottages and grand historic houses, to inner-city Victorian warehouses and contemporary model housing estates, conservation areas are nestled across beautiful urban and rural locations, from city landscapes to countryside towns.

Designed to preserve the unique architecture, conservation areas come with regulations that apply to each and every building within the realms of the area in question. Protected by local authorities to preserve their nature, this means that if you are a homeowner of a property in a conservation area, you need permission before making certain changes to your home.

So, how can you achieve your dream home while complying with conservation area regulations? It’s all about understanding and choice: beginning with a thorough understanding of the purpose and impact of conservation guidelines, and an awareness of the choice and quality of contemporary solutions that meet those guidelines. With that choice comes opportunity – a chance to specify more sustainable, long-lasting products with fewer maintenance requirements, but the same heritage aesthetic – like our carefully designed windows which form The Residence Collection.

Understanding ‘Conservation Areas’

With over 10,000 areas falling into the category of a conservation area in the UK, Local Planning Authorities are obliged to protect its designated architectural sites of interest to preserve its history.

So, if your home restoration falls within a conservation area designation, choosing appropriate materials required by your local authority’s Conservation Officer is the first step. Our windows here at The Residence Collection are purposefully designed with this in mind, meaning we have you covered when it comes to those requirements.

Specifying windows that meet the standard

While protecting history might deem traditional products as the viable solution, which, in the case of windows, is single glazing with timber frames, conservation areas have increasingly welcomed modern solutions.

If the best modern products present an appropriate outward appearance that celebrates the history of the property in question, there’s nothing stopping you from choosing windows with much higher sustainability credentials, radically improved thermal and security performance with minimal maintenance requirements.

Windows like ours at The Residence Collection are compliant with conservation area regulations but also offer traditional colours and finishes that perfectly match painted timber. They also maintain equal sightlines, matching heritage features like Georgian bars and hardware. Using documented historical window designs as their starting point, and the latest generation of uPVC for totally reliable performance – none of the warping, swelling, rotting or paint flaking on traditional timber windows can be found. Externally, they look like flush timber frames and internally, they’re warm, insulated and functional – what more could you need!

Work with planning guidelines, not against them

If your property falls within a conservation area or any other planning requirements are needed to preserve beautiful architectural heritage, it pays to work with those planning guidelines, not against them. Don’t try to shoehorn in unsuitable replacements, and don’t try to ‘make do’ with poor quality original features years past their best.

Your budget is best spent on windows and doors that you know will meet conservation guidelines, saving you time and money in the process. That’s why here at The Residence Collection, we work with Local Planning Authorities to approve the use of windows and doors wherever possible, helping preserve properties for many years to come whilst continuing the aesthetic legacy of the past.

To find out more about Conservation Areas and our solutions here at  The Residence Collection, visit Planning and Conservation.



At Residence Collection, we have a range of colours available and can offer everything from timeless classics like Grained White to modern favourites such as Eclectic Grey. Don’t forget, we also offer a dual finish that allows you to find windows and doors that look as good from the inside as they do outside.