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Express Your Love For Home With Residence 9

February 16th 2018

You have to be very careful when replacing traditional windows as you need to preserve the authentic look of your property, not spoil it.

But replacing them is something you absolutely have to do if you love where you live and your existing windows have lost their aesthetics, provide poor insulation and are insecure. Don’t stress about it though as Residence 9 windows have all the necessary credentials that you need from a replacement window in these circumstances.

A revolutionary design

Residence 9 is a modern-day replica of stereotypical 19th Century timber window designs and contains an elegant flush exterior and stylish decorative interior.

It is a 100mm deep window system which encompasses 9 chambers, hence why we decided to call it Residence ‘9’.

You would honestly think that it has been crafted from wood, but in actual fact it’s manufactured utilising UPVC, it just happens to look extraordinarily similar to timber. However, a resemblance to timber is as far as it goes in terms of likenesses as Residence 9 outperforms authentic timber windows in every other respect.

·         Maintenance-free

·         A+ Energy Rating (U-values of just 0.8 with triple glazing, PassivHaus Standard, and 1.2 with double glazing)

·         Flexible design that suits anything from stately homes to up-to-the-minute properties

·         Accepted by planners in many conservation areas

·         Available in a variety of Heritage colours such as Irish Oak and Chartwell Green (dual-coloured is an option)

·         Bespoke hardware

·         Lower energy bills

·         Different styles and configurations

·         Made in Britain

Your home really will be back to its best in every sense once you have had Residence 9 implemented into it by one of the many approved installers that we have nationwide.

There are further innovative window offerings in the Residence Collection – Residence 7 and Residence². Visit our Windows page to see how they can also transform all types of property.



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