Find Out What Our Customers Say About The Residence Collection
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Find Out What Our Customers Say About The Residence Collection

July 16th 2019

When you’re looking to buy something, it’s always good to canvass the opinion of others and hear from people that have made a similar move before committing to it to find out if it is worth you following suit. Windows are no exception to that.

The replacement window market is more extensive than it’s ever been, with literally hundreds of designs competing for your attention, and your money, including the Residence Collection.

Why should you choose our premium suite of window and door systems ahead of any other timber alternative windows and doors? We’ll leave it to people like Mrs Lloyd to tell you why!

Mrs Lloyd kindly sat down for a case study, which you can view here, to discuss why the Residence Collection got the thumbs up from her as a replacement window when she wanted to exchange her old, draughty windows.

Using the postcode finder on our website to find her nearest Residence Collection installer, she contacted Alexander Windows in Stockport and appointed them for the job.

Within just a few weeks, their team of fitters came out to install the new windows, and once they’d done fixing them all into position, Mrs Lloyd was blown away by what the windows had done for her home.

She now feels a great amount of pride and excitement each and every time that she returns home from work and sees the effect they’ve had on the place. That same feeling also comes over her when neighbour after neighbour comments on how fabulous her home now looks and loves it as much as she does.

Further case studies can be downloaded from this page revolving around projects completed for Mr & Mrs Sharpe in Norfolk and Suffolk-based, Mr & Mrs Cummins.

They’re well worth a read if the Residence Collection has piqued your interest, which it inevitably will.

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