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Get To Know Your Windows

July 18th 2017

There are various window styles available and it helps to have an understanding of at least three of the key types of window you will find in the product ranges of most window suppliers before you make your final decision.

Sash Windows

Sash windows have existed for over 400 years having been created in the late 17th Century. The “sash” name comes from the movable panels included in the design.

These panels are capable of being moved up and down or to the left and right, which is invaluable for when you want to ventilate your living space.

Some window specialists also offer “sliding” sash windows. They contain two sashes, with one sash moving up and down behind the other.

Casement Windows

You will have seen a set of casement windows at some point. They can be opened outwardly due to being hinged at the top or side of the frame.

One of their most pertinent trademarks is the very slender frame they offer. Despite the slenderness of the framework, you can still expect a casement window to provide excellent security and resilience.

They come supplied in a variety of looks and can be double glazed or triple glazed depending on how thermally efficient you want them to be.

Tilt & Turn Windows

The tilt & turn facility allows for the top sash to open inwards when you tilt the handle, whilst turning the handle causes the windows to open inwards from the side.

If you find taking to a ladder to clean your windows a major chore then you will love tilt & turn windows as they enable you to clean the windows without stepping outside of your house.

Having the option to tilt & turn also benefits you in terms of ventilation as you will have contrasting methods of keeping your interior cool.

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