Have You Tried Designing Your Own Residence Windows?
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Have You Tried Designing Your Own Residence Windows?

June 27th 2019

When buying new windows from some window companies, they only give you minimal input into the look of the final design, which doesn’t seem right to us. We’re the complete opposite, and much prefer letting our customers style their windows as they see fit, which they can do by using our online window designer. Via mobile or a desktop computer, you can effortlessly build your windows from scratch. Begin by selecting the house style that most closely matches your own home – this could be an ultra-modern new-build or old country cottage. You will then be presented with the most appropriate window style for that sort of property, viewable internally and externally. The next stage will involve choosing a coloured finish for the outside and inside of the window. You can have matching finishes inside and out, but there are certain window styles that allow you to use contrasting finishes on either side of the window. Of course, the window also needs to be furnished. We have several varieties of period hardware you can affix to the design, including pear drop handles, and you can similarly have them finished in a choice of colours. After that, you just need to accessorise the design. You could, for instance, add Georgian bars to separate the glass panes and create a traditional window effect. Your window is now complete, but you need to see how the full set of windows look once they’re assimilated into the building, something you can do by zooming out from the house. If things aren’t quite how you would like them to be, you can always modify the design, but if you’re happy with what you have produced, save the window design and request that one of our installers gets in touch with you about it. Give the window designer a go and see what you can do!

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