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How Do You Keep Residence Windows Looking Like New?

July 24th 2019

We developed the Residence Collection to provide householders living in Heritage properties with a window system built using modern methods that managed to perfectly emulate the styling of traditional timber windows, minus the usual maintenance.

Authentic wooden windows consistently demand attention and are annoyingly high maintenance – their frames can quickly rot, the hinges affixed to them tend to rust and they need repainting on a regular basis.

You have to be prepared to look after them though, otherwise draughts will easily start to pass through and the appearance of your property will be spoilt because of the poor condition of the frames.

Window maintenance can be permanently dismissed once you have exchanged your old timber windows for R9, R7 or R².

You just need to do one simple thing to sustain the appearance of a Residence window – use hot soapy water to wipe away any marks that have formed on the frame.

If a rigorous clean with a wet cloth fails to get rid of any marks, look out for a PVC cleaner called Cosmofen 20 for a deeper clean.

This non-dissolving cleaner contains an anti-static agent, and it’s a product we thoroughly recommend for the job.

We would just as strongly advise that you avoid using any other solvents or cleaners as they could potentially cause cosmetic damage to the window.

It will only take a few minutes of your time every so often to restore the polished look of a Residence window with a wet, soapy cloth or Cosmofen 20, as opposed to the endless hours of maintenance needed to revive a wooden window.

Your local Residence Collection installer will be happy to field any questions you have about maintaining the window system you choose from our premium window suite. They can be located using your postcode here.

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