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How To Dress Up Residence Collection Windows

September 13th 2017

The Residence Collection is acknowledged by many as being the UK’s most luxurious suite of windows. They can be made even more luxurious on the inside when after installation you dress up the windows to bring out the opulence your interior deserves. We have come up with a couple of imaginative methods of doing it: Drapes / Curtains Usually stretching the length of a window vertically, drapes / curtains are available in all sorts of decorative patterns and will add further personality to both the window design and its respective location. They can also obviously be drawn for privacy purposes and when drawn and lined they will also enhance thermal efficiency. Decorate the sill When there is an accompanying sill, don’t leave it bare! You could showcase some pretty plants on it in various types of containers e.g. vase, glass bottle, plant pot. The romantics amongst you may fancy placing some sweet smelling candles on the sill that you can light at night to create a romantic ambience. Intellects may though prefer to use it as a spot for displaying the most knowledgeable books they own in preference of leaving them on a dusty old book case.

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