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How to frame your home working space around your windows to boost productivity

June 2024: Research shows that 81% of Brits work from home at least one day a week1, so the question is how can you arrange your room to boost productivity?

Premium window and door designer The Residence Collection reveals how positioning your work from home space can boost happiness and productivity, especially since one in eight people believe having more natural light into their homes would make them happier.2

How can natural light make you more productive?

Natural light has been shown to enhance productivity by reducing fatigue, eye strain, and weariness during the day. For those working from home, creating a workspace near a window can be particularly beneficial.

Studies have found that individuals who sit near windows are 51% less likely to endure eyestrain from their computers and 63% less likely to experience headaches.1 Therefore, positioning your home office to take advantage of natural light can make you feel happier and more energised, ultimately boosting your productivity.

The Residence Collection has now shared three hacks to framing your home working space around your windows for increased productivity.

  1. Position your room right 

Creating a work-from-home space that minimises screen glare while maximising natural light involves thoughtful placement of furniture. Place your desk perpendicular to windows and avoid your desk directly facing or with your back to the window. This allows natural light to illuminate your workspace without causing direct glare on your screen. If the window is on the side, it reduces the chance of the sunlight directly hitting the screen.

  1. Add plants

Incorporating biophilia (bringing the outside in within your decor) into workspaces is another proven way to improve productivity, therefore look to add these to your windowsills of your home working space. Over 1 in 8 people actually believe adding plants would make them happier in their homes2. The best plants to add are those that are small, potted, and low maintenance such as cacti and spider plants as they’re pretty much impossible to kill and are great in smaller pots.

  1. Incorporate window coverings

A strategic use of window treatments can also create a naturally lit environment without causing too much eye strain or screen glare. This could include the following:

  • Installing blinds or shades that can diffuse light. Venetian or vertical blinds, roller shades, or sheer curtains can help control the amount of light entering the room and reduce glare.
  • Use light-filtering window coverings. Light-filtering coverings can soften the incoming light without making the room too dark. This maintains a bright workspace while minimising direct sunlight on your screen.
  • Apply reflective or anti-glare window film. This can reduce the intensity of the sunlight entering your room, helping to minimise glare without compromising natural light.

Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager at The Residence Collection comments: “When planning a working from home space, there are many things to consider, however starting with these three simple tips can help to enhance your space and improve your productivity.

“Being aware of how to use the elements that are already in your room, such as your windows, can be a great way to create a budget-friendly space. Utilising natural light not only reduces the need for artificial lighting but also has been shown to boost mood and increase productivity. Positioning your desk near a window can maximise exposure to natural light, making your work environment brighter and more inviting.”

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