How To Get Your Residence Secure In National Home Security Month
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How To Get Your Residence Secure In National Home Security Month

October 9th 2018

If you’re a homeowner you need to know that October is National Home Security Month, an initiative established in 2013 to stress to UK householders the continuing importance of home security.

And it is continually important as a house is currently burgled every 40 seconds in the UK and we need to bring that figure down! As we move into the darker winter months, thieves have greater opportunity to try their chances and you need to be sure that they’re unsuccessful in their efforts if they make your home their next target.

For that to happen, take these proven steps towards creating a safer and more secure home…

Upgrade your existing windows and doors

Without secure windows and doors you’ve no chance of getting the upper hand on thieves. Traditional windows and doors are susceptible to losing their strength as they age and they come with dated locking mechanisms that can very easily be broken using the minimum of force.

The full range of windows and doors offered in the Residence Collection are quite the opposite. They manufactured from a very resilient building material and feature a more sophisticated and technologically advanced locking system. They will stand firm in the face of any thief.

Employ a house sitter

You don’t have to go out and pay someone to look after your home when on holiday, but asking a trusted friend or relative to keep tabs on it is definitely recommended. Their job should be to remove any post from the letterbox and to open and close your curtains accordingly.

This will hopefully remove any obvious signs that the house is empty as thieves will always look out for such signals when weighing up which home to pounce on next.

Install an alarm and one that works!

Locking specialists Yale uncovered a startling statistic recently. They found that 70% of British properties do not have a burglar alarm fitted. The owners of these properties may want to do something about that when they hear that home burglaries in the UK rose by 9% between 2016 and 2017.

It isn’t rocket science that the audible deterrent an alarm provides upon detection of a home attack is more likely to make a thief think twice about whether they want to risk getting their collar felt! Don’t be scared to pay decent money for a good alarm as it will more than repay you if it stops someone stealing your stuff.

Download a copy of the Residence Collection brochure to find out why our window and door products will take your home security to new heights.

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