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How to guarantee your home is warm this winter?

October 21st 2019

There’s nothing worse than coming out of the cold into an equally cold house, which is likely to happen if you don’t get your home ready for winter sooner rather than later. So, here are a few tips from us on how to keep your home warm and cosy through the cold winter months. Check your heating system Whatever heating system you choose to use, it’s likely to have been off for a fair few months over the summer. If you’ve not done so yet, it’s a good idea to get your boiler system checked by a professional. Suddenly turning your boiler on can affect your pipe, and as the temperatures start to decrease you don’t want to be left cold with no warm water. Keep central heating low and consistent Going from cold to boiling hot temperatures can really affect your pipes, so much so that they can sometimes burst. This winter switch up your house warming strategy and go for medium heat (around 14 degrees) throughout the winter and for longer periods of time. This would reduce your risk of any frozen pipe issues and keep your home warm all year round. Clear your gutters Clearing your gutters may seem like something you do in the summer, but if your gutters are not cleared in time for winter (and for the rain) then water will build up and leak into the house through even the smallest gap, causing a problem that could cost a small fortune. Replace your windows Older windows can be the main culprit for letting the heat out and cold temperatures in. Nowadays, windows have great energy efficiency built into them, meaning they keep your home cosy for the winter months, plus, by installing energy efficient windows, you can save hundreds on your energy bills. Whatever style of home you have, we have the perfect energy efficient, beautifully crafted windows for your home. Find the perfect windows for your home with Residence.

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