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How To Limit Condensation

January 23rd 2018

It’s during the autumn and winter that condensation becomes a frequent problem for certain homeowners.

Soaking wet windows are not attractive and failing to deal with the issue properly can be damaging to both your home and yourself.

Mould and damp can eventually settle and when they’re left alone not only do they threaten the very structure of your property, but they have the potential to do damage to your respiratory system.

Any condensation that does appear should be removed with a wet cloth, squeegee, window vac or alike to cut the chances of mould or damp.

It doesn’t have to be this way though as excess condensation can be minimised. The key to stopping it is ensuring that your home is well ventilated.

Here are 4 handy tips for less window condensation

1.       Dry any wet clothing outside

When the weather starts to improve and temperatures begin to rise again, take any wet clothes outside and hang them up on the washing line instead of trying to dry them inside the house. The more indoor drying you do, the more moisture builds up.

2.       Use your pan lids

Leaving your pan lids off while cooking any vegetables on your hob releases moisture into the air. Secure the pan lids before you hit the ignition and either switch on your extractor fan or open a window to let any moisture generated escape.

3.       Buy a dehumidifier

A dehumidifier is useful for cutting humidity levels and removing moisture in the air. When it does the latter, it minimises the risk of mould or damp occurring. You can also use a dehumidifier in winter for drying clothes.  

4.       Move furniture away from walls

When you push pieces of furniture right up against any walls it prevents air from properly circulating around your living space. Leave a decent gap between items like your sofa and the nearest wall so that air doesn’t get trapped.

The full suite of window systems available in the Residence Collection (Residence 7, Residence 9 and Residence²) will help restrict condensation if you’re upgrading from single glazed windows.  You can purchase them via one of our Installers.



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