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How to stop sun glare through windows

How to stop sun glare through windows

Sunshine is wonderful for all kinds of reasons, but not so wonderful when the glare it causes gets in the way of whatever you’re trying to do. Just reading a book can be difficult when the sun is dazzling on the white page. Ditto if you’re trying to watch TV on a blinding white screen.  

If you’re trying to work on a computer in your office or home, the sun’s glare can make it literally impossible to see the display. And apart from anything else, the sun’s dazzling glare can damage your eyes. So, what can be done to combat glare?

You could install blinds

Ah yes, blinds. But which kind? Obviously, the ones that simply stop the sun getting in are fine if you don’t actually need much light in the room, or any at all come to that. But these kinds of blinds are impractical if you also need to see your way around and do anything useful.

Adjustable slatted blinds that admit a measured amount of light might work better for you by deflecting the sun. So might blinds made from thin enough material, as these will also reduce the strength of the light that gets in. It all really depends on the amount of light you need.

Paint your walls a bright colour

Weird as it seems, painting the walls in a bright shade can lessen the effect of sun glare. It’s all about contrast. Dark walls can exaggerate the difference between the dark colour and the brightness of the sun, making you think the glare is more severe. Brighter coloured walls reduce the contrast effect, decreasing the sun’s effect on your eyes.

Yes, it does work. And besides, brighter walls make your rooms appear bigger, and they even lighten your mood.

Use plants to create shade

This could be a relatively simple alternative to changing the interior of your environment to combat glare by diffusing the direct rays of the sun. Even a small tree, bought as is, could do the job, as could other leafy plants. And what about a window box? Or hanging baskets outside your window?

The same effect could be created inside the room with indoor plants, and better still, these can be moved around.

Install anti-glare window film

This is a genuinely effective anti-glare measure and can actually reduce solar glare by as much as 90% whilst still allowing natural light into your rooms. And yet anti-glare film is so subtle you won’t even notice that it’s there! It blends unobtrusively into the glass, is simple to install and easy to maintain, and is altogether a cost-effective solution to glare. 

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