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Improving the value of your home for 2020

March 16th 2020

Knowing how to add value to your property in order to ensure the best return when you come to sell up and move on is crucial.

Larger house projects might be the most obvious choices for adding value, but don’t forget the value that will be added through some basic structural and cosmetic repairs.

At Residence we provide bespoke collections tailored to you, certain enhancements are virtually guaranteed to boost the resale cost of your house. Driving the sale price up whilst giving character and personality to your home and these are two of the most notable…

External Household Furnishing

It’s important to furnish the external features of your house as much as the internal. Our hardware styles enable you to replace your windows without losing the character appearance, but also gives you the chance to opt for something more modern. The variety of style and colour options will enhance the appearance of your property, whether its contemporary or period.

Your windows will exude sophisticated elegance with the Ramatopola Monkey Tail or Pear Drop designs that we have, and if you’re someone who likes the finer details you can choose from our working butt hinges, both provide an authentic kerbside appearance in exquisite ironmongery.

Your Perfect Door Solution

The Residence Collection offers a complete range of door solutions; available in a wide range of styles, our stylish door systems are suitable for both open-in and open-out applications. 

We will quickly walk you through our collections;

We have a door solution per system each providing different styles and taste; R7, R9, R2. Whether you want to match your windows perfectly or choose an alternative to distinguish your door differently, they will suite together perfectly.

Find out more about our Engineered Doors; no more compromising on standard composite door sizes, make a door that fits the property perfectly.

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