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Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager at premium window and door designer, The Residence Collection, comments on how to use your windows to reduce pollen in your home:

“As summer approaches and temperatures gradually increase, pollen levels are also on the rise. With nearly half of the UK population experiencing hayfever, making it the most common allergy,1 The Residence Collection shares their simple tips to utilise your windows effectively in reducing pollen levels within your home during this hayfever season:

“If you have trickle vents, try to keep them open. This allows for a consistent supply of fresh air when your windows are shut, while still reducing the concentration of allergens and irritants making their way indoors.

“It’s essential to clean curtains and blinds regularly. Dust and pollen can accumulate on curtains and blinds, exacerbating hayfever symptoms. Clean them frequently using a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment or by washing them right before hayfever season gets in full swing.

“Another crucial step is to clean windows regularly to remove any pollen that may have settled on the frames, glazing or seals. Just warm soapy water will effectively clean windows and minimise pollen buildup.

“By following these simple tips, you can create a more pollen-free environment within your home, providing relief for hayfever sufferers during the peak allergy season.”

For more information on ways to clean your windows correctly and thoroughly, please visit:



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