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More Than Just Windows – Try Our French Doors

September 28th 2017

We’re best known for our luxurious windows, but did you know that our installers are also able to supply and fit your home with French doors?  

French doors were first developed back in the 16th Century, yet they still continue to captivate homeowners and it’s very easy to understand why.

These window-like doors are renowned for bringing in lots of natural light and that can be put down to their proportion, symmetry and the very lengthy glazed panes.

The reasoning for the French door design having such a strong emphasis on promoting light transference at the time of their development was simply because electricity had yet to be invented!

Why are they still so popular?

1.     Large opening

French doors can open in one or two ways – outwardly or inwardly.

Whether they open outwards or inwards, French doors will provide a sizeable opening and create a huge pathway into your outdoor surroundings to effortlessly connect home and garden.   

2.     Security

When closed and locked, the likelihood of our French doors being forced open is very minimal as they contain the very latest secure features. The frames are also incredibly resilient and capable of resisting excess force.

3.     Maintenance-free

We utilise UPVC when crafting our French doors and UPVC is a weather-resistant material. No weathering will become evident over time and the only bit of upkeep you will need to do is wipe away any dirt from the frames with a wet cloth.

4.     Garden pathway

We mentioned in a previous point how French doors will better connect your home and garden. This will give you more excuse to host a barbecue for friends and family in the summer or let the kids play out.

You can have your French doors finished in any colour from our broad colour palette which includes everything from Clotted Cream to Chartwell Green. Visit our Colour page to see them all.

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