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Let’s Hear It For The Hardware

May 8th 2016

Residence 9 could only be taken completely totally seriously as a true modern replica of the 19th Century Flush Sash Timber Window if the detailing throughout was completely spot on.

This required us to meticulously mimic the window hardware and any additional features characteristic of that time so that they are befitting of the period, just like the window itself.

So, when you choose to have Residence 9 windows and/or doors incorporated into your home you have a huge variety of traditional hardware options and add-ons to pick from and include in the design. They really will help ensure that your R9 solution is truly your own.

Amongst the many finishing touches available are our Pewter pear-drop handles or a traditional black hand-forged monkey-tail peg & stay to give your windows a classic and traditional feel.

They have been beautifully crafted with painstaking precision so that the interior feels as authentic as the exterior. They also obviously aid with operation, helping you open the window with consummate ease.

Our gorgeous grained finishes add further authentic detail, making Residence 9 doors and windows look just like wood, only they outperform it in terms of energy efficiency and resistance to the elements.

With our Georgian bar you have an extra option to make your windows look as unique as you like and supremely elegant, either in a new-build or when replacing old timber windows.

You can find out more by visiting our Design Features page.

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