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My Residence Case Study- R9 in Irish Oak

January 13th 2021

“We were recommended R9 by our architect has they had used them before on other projects.”

“We initially steered clear of UPVC windows as they don’t look like ‘wood’ – But then we saw Residence 9. They have timber joints just like our previous natural wood windows and once we realised, they were like for like, we became very interested! Add to that the benefit in cost and maintenance made them a better choice for us than traditional oak windows.”

“They look just like wood, fit the house perfectly, and are so easy to clean and maintain. They are also sturdy and energy efficient.

We would recommend to friends. In fact I have already done so…”

Installation by Provincial Windows.
Residence 9 is a window and door system designed to authentically replicate 19th Century timber designs. The traditionally elegant flush exterior and stylish decorative interior create that classic aesthetic.

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