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Improve your home’s security this National Home Security Month

October 15th 2019

The month has been set aside as an initiative to highlight the importance of home security, with helpful tips and hints offered to homeowners across the UK.

Over the recent years, we’ve seen home break-ins rise, highlighting that not all homes are immune to them and therefore home security should quickly become a priority to many homeowners across the UK.

Taking all that into consideration, we’ve come up with a simple guide to a safer home to combat home security issues and ensure your home and you remain safe this month and beyond.

Lock up and double check

It might seem like an obvious one, but you’ll be surprised by the number of people that have had bags or car keys stolen because the front or back door was unlocked.

Although new windows and doors have the highest security around if they’re not locked then their security features won’t work.

Replacement doors and windows

Speaking of windows and doors, did you know that older doors and windows become less secure as they age?

Nowadays, windows and doors are made from the most secure materials, such as UPVC and aluminium, and go through rigorous independent testing to ensure the utmost security.

Plus, with the latest technology, locking mechanisms offered on new windows and doors are a much more sophisticated than those around 10/20 years ago.

Never leave your house unsupervised

If you’re going on holiday, leaving the hallway light and a lamp on won’t fool even the less sophisticated house intruders.

Don’t leave your home empty if you go away, even for one night. Ask someone you know, even a neighbour, to drop in a couple of times a day to check on your house, or offer them the opportunity to stay there whilst your away. This will ensure your house is secure, plus if you have any pets they are then looked after too.

Alarm your house

Around 70% of UK houses don’t have a burglar alarm! That’s only 30% of the UK houses protected by a2w deterrent alarm.

Now, you may think “it costs so much”, but what cost would it be to you if your treasured belongings and sentimental items were gone?

Installing an alarm is the strongest deterrent for home intruders, and now you can get them along with CCTV, meaning you can relax knowing your home is protected.

Here at Residence, we want to ensure everyone is safe and secure in their home, which is why we’ve come up with this short, but effective, list of tips for strong home security.

Plus, with our top quality windows and doors, we can assist you with securing you and your home.

Have a look at our windows and doors today and make sure your home is secure!

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