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New Hardware Available At Residence 9

July 30th 2013

Window buyers have the opportunity to personalise their Residence 9 windows with a wide selection of window furniture.

This window furniture range has been extended as we have recently developed a brand new variety of new contemporary hardware options, enabling you to add further charm to this most charismatic of windows.

Inspired by 19th Century ironmongery and available in monkey-tail and pear-drop designs, our new contemporary hardware range features handles and pegs & stays in 9 enduring colours.

This gives you more choice when deciding which elegant pieces of door furniture you would like to go with your Residence 9 windows.

Specially handcrafted, ensuring that no two designs are the same, the pegs & stays offer support when the windows are open and keep the windows secure when fastened.

To find out more, feel free to call our office on 01452 300912.

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