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New windows and doors among the home improvements that have never been replaced

UK inflation is hitting Brits hard with energy rates still high and food prices on the rise, making any purchases outside of general daily living costs quite the squeeze.

In light of this, we have conducted a survey to find out British homeowners’ thoughts on all things home renovation from what needs replacing the most to how often homeowners think features should be replaced.

So, what features have homeowners never replaced?

When replacing some of the more pricier features in the home there are lots to consider such as whether it’s affordable at that time, if it’s a necessity or whether it could wait another few years. 

Our research found that the top five home features that British homeowners have never gotten round to replacing, include:

  1. Roof (48%)
  2. Doors (28%)
  3. Windows (27%)
  4. Fences (21%)
  5. Bathroom furniture (14%)

Fortunately, many of the home features that have never been replaced have a long life if they are of a high-quality and are taken care of by homeowners properly. If you were wondering how long these features can last in your home, here is the lifespan of these.

  1. Roof – 25 years
  2. Doors – 30 years
  3. Windows – 20 years
  4. Fences – 15 years
  5. Bathroom furniture – 10 years

From those surveyed, one in five thought external features needed replacing every six to 10 years, when in fact those that choose modern and high-quality upgrades, windows can last 20 years and doors could be fully functioning for up to 30 years.

The reasons people aren’t making home improvements

With the research revealing the top home features that Brits have never replaced, our survey also found the reasons behind why UK homeowners are avoiding these renovation works altogether. The top five included:

  1. Costs too much (47%)
  2. Inconvenient for daily life (28%)
  3. Struggling to find the right tradespeople (20%)
  4. Planning to move home (18%)
  5. Not sure what to buy (16%)

While naturally the cost of home improvements coming out on top was no surprise, considering the increasing operational and material prices substantially rising, convenience and knowledge-based factors were also a concern for homeowners when it came to renovations.

This suggests that once the right tradesperson is found that they must play an advisory role to reassure homeowners on cost, the effects on daily life, time constraints and the best quality products.

We have more than 600 qualified and knowledgeable installers with decades of experience in the fenestration, glass and glazing industry to offer the best advice on our windows but installation best practices too.

Why replace your windows?

Installing new windows can do so much to upgrade your home. Despite the cost homeowners can reap the rewards in the long run, with high-quality double and triple glazed windows making the home more energy efficient. Homeowners can also bolster the security, sound proofing and temperature of their property with new windows too.

But, practical solutions won’t just benefit the sanctuary in your home, let’s not forget, new windows beautifully upgrade your home to give it a fresh and modern look too.

Our window experts uniquely designed three core ranges to authentically replicate traditional timber windows but are made from modern PVC materials, keeping them up to date with everyday life.

Our carefully curated collections, include:

R9, authentically replicating 19th Century timber designs with traditionally elegant, flush exteriors and stylish, decorative interiors.

R7, with a sophisticated seven chamber design that’s flush inside and out, offering the best in modern living.

R2, providing an architectural highlight, with a square internal detail and clean lines matched by cutting edge design and superb performance.

Experts from The Residence Collection have also created a range of more than 25 colours from timeless classics like Grained White to modern favourites such as Eclectic Grey. Plus, dual finish is available that allows you to find windows that look as good from the inside as they do from the outside.



At Residence Collection, we have a range of colours available and can offer everything from timeless classics like Grained White to modern favourites such as Eclectic Grey. Don’t forget, we also offer a dual finish that allows you to find windows and doors that look as good from the inside as they do outside.