Orangery Or Conservatory – Which Should You Choose?
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Orangery Or Conservatory – Which Should You Choose?

August 14th 2018

The trend for improving rather than moving goes on and home extensions like conservatories and orangeries have never been so popular. While the cost of buying a conservatory or orangery is a fraction of what it’ll cost you to move properties, the investment is significant enough and should only be committed to once you’re absolutely sure which extension fits your requirements best. There are definite similarities between the two offerings such as their ability to establish additional spaciousness, but they also have their own unique characteristics. Conservatories Conservatories are utilised very differently to how they were when they were originally developed as conservatories would traditionally be a place for growing citrus fruits in the winter. The modern conservatory consists of roughly 75% glasswork and features a solid roof and supplementary brick walls. It comes in a host of styles (Victorian, Edwardian, Gable, P-Shaped, T-Shaped, Lean-To) and sizes and can be used for a multitude of purposes to suit the needs of the respective householder. It’s currently estimated that a conservatory can add upwards of 7% onto the resale value of a property. Orangeries When getting your very first look at an orangery you will see that it’s noticeably different in appearance to a conservatory due to the presence of solid brick pillars, elongated glazed sections, a brickwork base and lengthy Lantern Roof. It has an extremely light and airy feel inside and it’s the roofing system that helps create that atmosphere and keeps the interior superbly insulated in all weather conditions. There aren’t quite as many orangery styles available as there are conservatory styles, but there’s still plenty opportunity to have an orangery fashioned that suits your home setting. Further factors that may influence your thinking… For some people, an orangery makes for a more natural looking extension thanks to the higher quantity of brickwork used in its design, but a conservatory tends to be more inexpensive if money is a key issue. It may help to have a discussion with one of our approved installers if you’re having trouble deciding whether a conservatory or orangery is your best option. You can find your local Residence Collection installer here.

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