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Our Decorative Christmas Ideas For The Inside Of Your Home

December 13th 2018

Your Christmas decorating should be done and dusted by now, but if a busy lifestyle has prevented you from giving your home a bit of festive flavour there is still time to adorn the place for the big day.

In a November blog post we wrote ( we gave you a guide to dressing your front door.

The inside of your house needs some attention too though; especially if it’s your turn to play host and cook the Christmas turkey!

You need to be in a Christmassy mood to decorate so what we suggest you do is put on some classic Christmas songs, turn on the fire and have some mince pies on standby. Then you can enter into the spirit of things and use our two best decorating tips…

Sprinkle some Christmas magic over your dinner table

It shouldn’t just be the thought of turkey passing their lips that leaves your guests salivating, as the very sight of your dining table on Christmas Day should have the same effect.

Get some new knives and forks, search for your best dinner plates and glasses, and find a pretty tablecloth to cover the table before setting them all up.

Allocate specific seats for your dining companions and have place-holders so that people can identify where they’re meant to sit. Not on the High Street sell some mini wreath place-holders for a fab festive touch.

You also need some sort of centrepiece at the heart of the table – perhaps a candle-armed decoration or festive floral arrangement.

Get clever with your Christmas cards

Christmas cards will probably have started popping through your letterbox and you will likely just display them on your window cills or on top of the mantelpiece.

You can be more creative than that!

Use your cards to make some sort of Christmassy decoration on one of your walls. For example, you could arrange them in such a way that they resemble the shape of a Christmas tree. Apply sticky tape to the back of the cards to make them stick in place.

Once the festivities are out of the way, why not create a prettier, warmer and more secure home in 2019 with the Residence Collection. Download our brochure to find out more about it.

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