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Our Spring/Summer Interior Ideas

April 24th 2018

We have already had a short, sharp burst of summer in spring as many parts of the country experienced their warmest few days of the year so far. We bet it put a smile on your face and perhaps even encouraged you to freshen up your internal décor and make your living space fashionable again. If it did then we would heartily recommend the fitting of one of our premium window and door systems – Residence 7, Residence 9 and Residence². R7 offers a flush appearance inside and out, R9 is the world’s best timber replica, flush sash window, and R² supplies squared, contemporary aesthetics. They’ll all completely rejuvenate the inside and outside of home and not just in terms of appearance. Aside from our impressive suite of windows and doors, there are various style ideas and popular internal decorating tips that house proud homeowners should consider implementing for spring / summer 2018. Geometric patterns No, we’re not talking about a branch of mathematics. Geometric patterns are a collection of shapes (squares, rectangles, triangles etc.), repeated or altered to create a cohesive design and they’re everywhere at the moment. They instantly capture people’s attention, particularly when used sparingly on walls either in tile form or wallpaper. Don’t go overboard with them though as they could prove a little too domineering. Geometric styled cushions, rugs and throws offer a subtle way of injecting some perfectly pretty patterns indoors. Vintage lighting The entire Residence Collection expertly imitates vintage windows and doors. Rewind the clock some more by complementing your chosen Residence product with some form of vintage lighting (lanterns, pendants, chandeliers etc.). A superb setting for vintage lighting is a country kitchen, hanging above a retro dining table, as it will give it that rustic feel. Copper pendant ceiling lights are your best option as they scream county charm. Residence windows and doors will provide a beautiful backdrop to such timeless lighting solution. Statement ceilings Ceilings are often neglected and left completely plain when they could be used to make a big style statement. A bold shade like Pantone’s Color of the Year “Ultra Violet” could be applied to a bedroom ceiling while the accompanying walls are finished in a traditional white or similarly neutral colour. For something completely off the wall and if you’re feeling brave, why not replicate this statement ceiling. You may find further design inspiration on our Case Studies page or by having a discussion with your nearest Residence Collection installer.

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