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R9 Windows Have Rejuvenated This Bathroom

August 27th 2013

You expect certain areas of the bathroom to become wet at times as shower curtains aren’t always capable of shielding the space from every single splash of water. But what you don’t expect is for the windows in your bathroom to suffer from internal condensation.

Single glazed windows regularly suffer from unsightly condensation which in this particular example was causing the tile surround to become mouldy and dirty. The only way of solving the issue was to replace the existing window design with a set of double glazed units and we’re pleased to say that the homeowner opted for Residence 9.

This client can now enjoy all the benefits of R9 windows and the condensation is long gone. The period detail of the handle really caps the look off and we absolutely love how well the windows complement the tiles.

Another R9 job well done!

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