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R9 Windows Used To Lovingly Refurbish Welsh Cottage

July 18th 2017

After much discussion and pondering, it just had to be Residence 9!

Lots of credit goes to their appointed window suppliers Lumen Windows who not only did an outstanding job of fitting the windows, but they also advised the owners of the house on the style, colour and handles selected.

Lumen Windows are based in High Peak in the North West of England, serving Cheshire, High Peak, North Wales and surrounding areas and specialise in preserving period residences using modern innovative products like Residence 9.

Our calming Grained White colour was chosen and it really complements the authentic stone background.

They look amazing and are the perfect window choice for this period property. An added bonus is that they will enhance thermal efficiency, making the interior feel substantially warmer throughout the year.

We love how as a finishing touch, several of the new windows have been beautifully accessorised with fresh new flowers – it certainly goes to show that pretty flowers most definitely look even better next to pretty windows.

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