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Residence History – The Thatched Roof

Thatching is an old roofing method where layers of dry vegetation is densely packed to create a well-insulated and water resistant roof. Today there are three main materials used in production; water reed, wheat reed and longstraw – all of which are environmentally friendly.

Traditonal Thatched Roof - Work in Progress

Up until slate roofing was introduced in the 1800’s, the thatched roof was the only method of roofing for homes across the British countryside. The decline of this method began at the end of the 19th Century when people started moving toward more built up areas when the agricultural recession hit. More recently, its seen an increase due to its status symbol and a renewed interest in preserving historic buildings.

Thatching is still used across the world, mainly in developing countries as materials are easy to come by. It’s popularity remains in the UK not only for those with heritage homes but for the rising demand for those who have eco concerns wanting to use more sustainable building materials.

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