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Residence Interiors – DIY Cushion Cover

January 10th 2018

Winter is a time for cosying up on the sofa so the more cushions the better, right? We’ve found this super easy step-by-step guide on Pinterest – the hardest part about it is choosing the fabric! We’re going with a faux fur, it’s bang on trend and super soft for lounging on the sofa!

You Will Need:

  • A cushion (use an old one if you want to spruce them up a bit)
  • Fabric (how much depends on the cushion you want to cover)
  • Ruler and Tape Measure
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Needle and Thread (use a sewing machine if you’ve got one!)

Time: Approx. 10 Minutes

How To:
cushion instructions

  1. Measure your cushion! Allow 1 inch to the height for the seam allowance. For the width, times your measurement by 2, then add a further 6 inches for the overlap.
  2. Place fabric pattern side down. Fold over the edges on the shorter side by 0.5cm, iron flat, then fold over again by 2cmm, iron flat once more and stitch into place.
  3. Fold the fabric together (short side to short side) allowing for the 6 inch overlap (the overlap is how we’re going to get the cushion in after). Pin overlap into place. Stich together the raw edges on the top and bottom. Snip corners off around edges.
  4. Remove pins. Turn cushion cover the right way out and there you have it! Sit back and relax against your new cushion. For extra comfort, add a cuppa. And there you have it, your stylish cushion for a quick and easy revamp!


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