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Residence Interiors – House Plants

April 11th 2018

Making your house a home isn’t always just about redecorating, sometimes it just needs a breath of fresh air. That’s exactly what indoor plants provide! The humble house plant is back on trend and the ideal way to bring a bit of life into an un-loved corner or add a quirky feature with a fresh pop of colour.

We’ve rounded up our favourite plants based on interior trends divided into 3 categories:

  1. Low Maintenance – keep it simple and easy to care for with succulents. They come in varying sizes, shapes and colours too! Other variations to try in Aloe Vera, the Yucca plant, Snake plant and Philodendron.
  2. Purifying Air – breathe it in! Bright and colourful, these plants are relativity easy to maintain with the added benefit of filtering out toxins. Look for Orchids, Peace Lilies and Lavender for added colour.
  3. Pet Friendly – I have a cat and he eats everything, nothing is safe, including plants! If your 4-legged friends also like a cheeky green snack, something safe and pretty for the home is ideal. varieties to stick to include Spider plants, Feather Palm, Zebra cactus and the Rubber Plant. Avoid Lilies, they are a non-pet friendly plant, even if they are beautiful!

Our colour plates are inspired by nature, from natural Oaks to the Sage like green-grey of Painswick. Start your R9 Journey today by visiting the website

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