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Spring Cleaning 101: Your window cleaning how-to guide

Ahead of National Cleaning Week and with Spring just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to think about giving our home a thorough clean. Blowing the cobwebs off of your home following a bleak winter and giving it the glow-up it deserves ready for that summer sunshine.

With online searches for ‘spring cleaning checklist’ up by 467% in the past month1, it’s time to get window cleaning ticked off that to-do list, and premium window and door designer, The Residence Collection has shared their tips and tricks on getting your windows gleaming.

Why is spring the best time to clean your windows?

Before summer sets in, spring is an excellent time to clean your windows. The heat and direct sunlight of summer can prematurely dry windows and lead to streaking, but spring has milder weather and less sunlight that helps avoid this problem. Plus, clean your windows now, and they’ll be clean and sparkling ready for the summer sunshine.

You should try to clean your windows at least once or twice a year, depending on where you live. If you live near the sea, where salt exposure is high, or if you live in a city close to busy roads and traffic, you might need to clean them more frequently.

What do you need to clean windows?

It doesn’t take a lot of products for gleaming windows. The following items are all you need to restore your windows back to their shiniest best:

  • Warm, soapy water
  • Towel
  • Rubber-bladed squeegee
  • Soft, clean cloth
  • Clean, dry brush
  • Glass cleaning product or distilled vinegar
  • Light machine oil

There are a few products that contain dangerous chemicals and microorganisms that can irritate the skin when cleaning your windows. It’s advisable to avoid products such as:

  • Ammonia-based cleaners
  • Toxic, chemical heavy products
  • Abrasive sponges
  • Newspaper (an old trick – but ink can smear glass)

Before you clean

Over the last six months, 10 storms have battered the UK2 and even though windows are mostly durable the adverse weather can weaken the lifetime of your windows. So, before you start your window spring clean be sure to check if there has been any damage to the frames, glazing, seals and cills.

Be sure to check the function of your windows too as if windows are sticking, you’re seeing condensation or feeling a draft coming through, it might be time for extra maintenance or replacements. For the hardware, lubricate hinges, locking mechanisms and handles using light machine oil.

How to clean internal windows

  • Preparing indoors – Before you start cleaning make sure you prepare the area around your windows by removing blinds, curtains, ornaments and close by furniture.
  • Loosen the grime – Loosen any cobwebs or dirt that might have formed behind your window dressings with a clean, dry brush, so you’re not smearing any dirt onto the frames or glass.
  • Remove any mould – If mould has appeared on your window seals, use hot, soapy water and clean cloth to wipe this away. Try to avoid harsh, strong smelling chemicals indoors unless you are going to open the windows, but if the mould is budging opt for something like distilled vinegar.
  • Frames before glazing – Then using soapy water and a soft, clean cloth thoroughly wipe down your frames and indoor cills. Don’t forget to dry your frames with a second clean cloth too to dry any excess water.
  • Get your glass gleaming – Perfecting glass cleaning can be difficult without the right tools and method, but firstly to avoid scratches, dust away any dirt and remove your jewellery. Apply glass cleaner or distilled vinegar to the glass and use a squeegee or clean cloth to wipe clean. To avoid streaks use steady strokes from top to bottom.
  • Don’t forget your hardware – Once the frames and glass are sparkling clean, don’t forget to dust and wipe down your window handles with a soft, clean cloth.

How to Clean Windows

  • Hose them down – Before tackling the frames and the glass, make sure to remove any dirt and debris that has clung to the windows over the winter. This can be done with a small brush or if you have a hose use a strong pressure hose the window down.
  • Your frames and cills – Like indoors, tackle your frames and cills first. As you’re outdoors, stronger cleaning products can be used, but try to avoid those that are high chemicals to avoid damage. Use hot soapy water to wipe down your frames.
  • Streak free glass – As with indoor glass cleaning, it can be hard to get the external glass streak free too. Using the same method as inside, apply glass cleaner or distilled vinegar and wipe with a squeegee or clean cloth. Use the top to bottom technique for a streak free finish.
  • Don’t forget to dry – Weather in the UK can be temperamental so make sure to dry your window frames and glass completely with a dry cloth once you have completed your cleaning. This will help you to avoid streaks and remove any remaining cleaning product which could become greasy when mixed with rainwater.

Comment from Jo Trotman, Marketing Manager at the premium window and door designer The Residence Collection: “Cleaning windows can be a laborious task that people avoid due to the time commitment, but with windows lasting between 15 to 20 years it’s important to maintain them through regular cleaning.

“By just committing to using these tips to clean internally and externally in the spring and autumn you will ensure the functionality of your windows remains for years to come. Plus, with this regular cleaning you will be able to spot the need for repair.”



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