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Stopping Customers In Their Tracks: The R9 Garden Room

October 10th 2014

Since the unveiling of the R9 Garden Room last year, people’s perceptions of how a contemporary home extension should look have been completely transformed and their expectations raised; it boasts an unparalleled beauty. The clamour to own this spectacular innovation amongst forward-thinking householders keen to give their abode a unique setting for everyday use and all those special occasions has been as extraordinary as the structure itself. One of our accredited installers, Window Tech Trade, recently sent in the above photograph of an R9 Garden Room on full display within a customer showroom. Upon walking into the site and clasping their eyes on it, a client on the hunt for a home extension immediately remarked ‘I want that one…’ It’s a common and understandable reaction. It has set new standards that other types of home extension just cannot compete with.

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